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Hello! I’m Divya and I’m so happy you’re here! Would you like to know a little more on how I got involved with the things I love and came to be the person I am? Just read on!

Early Fall in 2003 my kindergarten teacher asked everyone to discover the meaning of their name. When I arrived home (after a yummy after school snack of course), I inquired the question to my mother.

“The name Divya means divine and brilliant, just like you.”

From that moment I knew that my name is a reminder that I can accomplish astounding things. I was always taught many lessons growing up, but one specifically resonated to me, that was the power of courage. The simple act of taking a risk is what drives my ambitions.

-Well first let me continue to introduce myself!-

I am currently a 2nd year student at Drake University. I am a travel lover who is slightly obsessed with makeup, animals (especially puppies), and nature. I was born and raised in Dubuque; a small town in Iowa filled with cornfields that lies beside the Mississippi River. Although I enjoy it’s history and beauty, my ardor for the bigger city has led me to study in Des Moines.

My fascination for the human body and photography has led me to double major in Neuroscience and Digital Media Production. Throughout my life, I have aspired to pursue a career in the healthcare field. As I got older, my interests shifted towards medicine, specifically surgery. The fast-paced, dynamic world of medicine suits my personality and lifestyle. I was exposed to the medical field at a young age by my relatives. I would curiously watch a patient recieve homeopathic medication for a stomachache or a procedure performed for a heart aneurysm. Seeing everything they did was very riveting! The corners of my lips would always spread open to a smile because I knew the best part was yet to come. You know what that was? The jubilance on the patient’s face and the bliss in the eyes of the family when the patient’s health improved. That, that very joy you can bring someone to relive their agony, that is what I strive to accomplish.

During the middle of my 1st year at Drake, I took on a rather impulsive decision to add on a Digital Media Production Major. Although my love for science is colossal, I have always been attracted to the beauty of visual arts. When I am not studying for my rigorous science courses, I am usually found outside, taking pictures of almost any and everything. The art of photography is impressive as the aesthetic of the subject can be expressed in many different ways. It is an amazing way to see everyone’s interpretations and how it can be communicated. Being able to take courses on both things I love is such as blessing.

I am a firm believer in accepting and conquering challenges we face and helping others. There is nothing more important than showing empathy towards another person.

Aside from my academics, I am usually found outside enjoying the light, chirping song of the robins, or observing the palm fronds move with the wind. Nature is so fascinating and I have always been enthralled it. There is just something so calming yet so exhilarating. My love for the environment has lead me to become an Ambassador for SandCloud. With their crafty quote “Save the Fishes”, they strive to protect and give to all marine life.

I enjoy engaging in healthy lifestyle, beauty, & wellness! Read on for tips and advice on it. Well, this is who I am, Divya. Welcome and thank you for visiting!


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