Healthy Breakfast Toasts

June 5, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have enough time in the morning to make a warm, hearty breakfast because you spent too much time in the shower or are last minute cramming for a test. However, breakfast is the most important meal and let’s face it, without it we feel less energized. When looking up quick and healthy breakfasts for my busy morning, I discovered many recipes! Although they are not gourmet, they are definitely better than a handful of cereal, or nothing at all. I have experimented with many different variations and have compiled a list of my favorites for you to enjoy!


Toast has an appropriate amount of carbohydrates which can boost your morning. Although it is rich in grain, it is low in nutrients, fats, and protein. That’s where the topping come in of course! The listed topping can provide a satisfactory source of those missed out nutrients from bread. However, bread is abundant in fiber, thus allowing you to feel fuller longer after consuming it (Remember to use 100% whole wheat to get the most nutritional fibers!).

»The listed ingredients are to be used as toppings for your crispy, warm toast!«



       omelette + kale + cheddar cheese

          avocado + garden tomato + fresh basil


greek yogurt + chia seeds + blueberries + almonds


light cream cheese + blackberries + raspberries

pear + almond butter + granola


banana + pecans + peanut butter



Smoothies are a fairly simple meal to add to your day. They can provide all of the daily nutritional needs for your body from fruits and vegetables in just one serving; well,that is if they are made properly. The addition of artificial sugars can make a smoothie just as unhealthy as a candy bar so watch what you are adding to it. Remember that making your own smoothies is way safer than a store bought one.

Allowing the blender to “chew” the food aids in digestion for the body. Trying to fulfill your needs by eating the recommended amount may be too much for some so blending up your food may be the better option; not to mention, it keeps you fuller longer. If you are building muscle this is the perfect route to take in the morning. It is important to replenish the body with nutrients after a workout.

(Click on the ingredients for the full recipe links!)

»Just add all the ingredients and mix with a blender!«



banana + blueberries + blackberries + greek yogurt + soy milk


soy milk + peanut butter + banana + oatmeal 


banana + strawberries + soy milk + ice + honey


Oatmeal, for me, is the food that is by far the easiest to prepare yet most delicious tasting. A lot of people don’t enjoy the taste or texture of it; but there are plenty of healthy reasons why you should. Along with providing important antioxidants, this tasty porridge has both soluble and insoluble fibers contained in it. The soluble fibers balances the blood glucose levels in the blood while the insoluble fibers aid in digestive health. With that being said, remember to avoid the flavored or sugary packets of oatmeal.

Click here to learn how to cook different types of oatmeal!

(then add the yummy toppings below)



blueberries + pecans + greek yogurt


blackberry + blueberry + raspberry

 dried cranberry + cubed apples

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